Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have an acute case of Castonitis at the moment. Nothing is holding my interest.

Jim's socks I'd been working on? Haven't been touched in weeks.

The vest I'm working on for myself. Can't abide the endless stockinette.

The half-completed Endpaper Mitts I began quite a while ago? Those actually did hold my interest the other day. The only problem with those is I must have absolute concentration to work on them and that's something I don't get very often around here.

So, I wound up some really colorful hand-dyed yarn, hoping that would quell it. Nope, had to cast that on: a pair of socks. Think that would satisfy me? Nope. Halfway down the first leg and they've already been set aside.

Thought maybe if I bought some yarn I've been coveting for a terrifically long time, that might tide my unfulfillable mind for a bit. Um, no. Because I can't knit it until it arrives.

I've contemplated casting on about a million other projects amongst all of that, but have managed to abstain.

And then Fall Interweave finally arrived. I want to knit nearly everything in that damn magazine! So, I wound up and cast on the wrap because I do have (some, not all) yarn for that. And I think I found something to keep my interest for a time. I hope. However, I still feel like casting on a ton of other projects. Sometimes it's a bad thing having so many sets of knitting needles. Oh, and I'm going to have to make another Knit Picks order soon. The wrap which will run out of yarn gives me that excuse at least. *nods*