Thursday, June 28, 2007


WHOO HOO! I got my invite e-mail the other day. I'm 'thepinksheep' over there as well. That site is freaking amazing. I am already impressed liek whoa and I've only glazed over the surface of it. It'll take a lot of work to get all my past projects on there, but it will happen eventually. Probably post DH release, since I won't be so focused on reading then.

Nearly done with the first Jaywalker. Love it. It's a bit large even though I knit to gauge. I did choose to make the larger size because my feet and calves are wide and large, but I bet I could've knit the smaller size. *shrug* I'm actually concerned I'm going to have a lot of Vesper left over. Not really sure what I can do with any leftovers as it's definitely not appropriate yarn for Scoot-sized socks.

I'm itching to knit a pair of socks out of the Favorite Socks book, so I reckon I'll jump onto one of the two I have yarn for once the second Jaywalker is finished.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

it might be finished one day

I conquered the neckline on Mesilla and it is now very satisfactory to me. I wish the length of the sweater were the same. When I had originally tried Mesilla on (when I discovered the neckline was probably not going the way it should), I noted it was rather shorter than I'd've liked. This, however, is no fault of the pattern, as it gave measurements.

See, measurements plague me. I possess the type of brain where I must actually measure something out in order for given measurements to mean anything to me. When glancing through a catalog and seeing a skirt I'd like, simply printing that it 23" in length, for example, does nothing for me. Does that mean it hits me at mid-thigh or mid-calf? I need to physically get out a tape measure and see where 23" from my waist hits.

It takes time though. And in knitting, it means having to refigure things if you're not happy with the result.

Normally, I probably would've left it. I am tall and have a long torso, longer legs and arms that are reminiscent of an ape, so I am rather used to my clothes being on the short side. But given how much grief this sweater has already given me, I want it to be something I will wear regularly.

With the striping on the bottom, I think I'll be able to get away with keeping the lower band separate (and not frogging the nearly 30 rows it consists of), adding some rows of the main color (no real plan here other than to use up what I have left of the main color. Even a couple of extra rows will be well-received.), then if I can figure out a way to reattach them without casting both off, I'll do that (unlikely). And failing that (likely), I shall bind off both and seam them together and no one will be any the wiser. It's more fiddly work, but less reknitting, which is why I went this route.

I've since started the bmp socks for Mag. Of course Hubby saw them and wants a pair now too. :/ Corrugated ribbing = teh suck, fyi.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well it's times like this that I am grateful to have a stash because yarn buying will be at a standstill for quite awhile (save for gifts - I do have some yarn to buy for gifts that must go out eventually). My car broke yesterday and I found out it will cost $675 for repairs to even make it drivable. Ouch. Not something we can really afford, but what can you do? *sigh* Times like this I'm grateful for credit cards.

OK and here's a random rant: our mail NEVER comes before 1pm and sometimes as late as 5pm. The mail truck is driving down the road right now and it's not even 11am. Guess those bills won't be going out today.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The knitting gods are telling me not to knit Mesilla. I managed to make it out to the LYS last week. Guess what? They had overflowing bins of just about every color of Mission Falls 1820 EXCEPT Merlot. Argh. I was most disappointed. I didn't even buy anything while I was there.

So I ended up ordering online like I was trying to avoid. Yarnmarket carries it and had it in stock, but of course I couldn't justify the shipping costing more than my one little skein of yarn, so I ended up getting two skeins of Rowan cotton for socks. It is the softest yarn I've ever felt.

The yarn arrived today thankfully, so my task this week will be getting Mesilla done.

I've been knitting my Vesper sock yarn using the Jaywalker pattern because I felt justified in starting a new project when Mesilla is being such a bastard.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I got a copy of Favorite Socks the other day. Everyone who knits socks needs this book! There are absolutely gorgeous patterns in there. I love that they run the gamut too. Lace patterns, colorwork patterns, men's patterns, a basic sock that has countless (!!) modifications for sizing, cable patterns. God, just everything. And it's hardback spiral bound, which is genius. I promised myself I wouldn't start anymore socks until I either got one of the pairs I'm currently working on done or finished the other two *main* projects I'm working on done.

In Mesilla news, I finally finished angsting out about it yesterday and ripped back the neckline while Scoot slept. I tried to pick up more stitches on the first go round. I also decided that for the striping, I'd only do three rounds of each color as opposed to the five that are on the waistband and sleeves. I don't think it will look disproportionate at all and I actually think I prefer the smaller stripes. Oh, hindsight! No way am I ripping back the sleeves or bottom though to change the stripes.

I also decided to just straight up do one round of decreases and one round of plain knitting instead of the dec, knit, dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec, knit, dec that the pattern says. Two reasons: 1. since I went to only three rounds of each color instead of five, it would've been odd. 2. Eliminating the number of decreases. Even if I'd done dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec I think it would've been too many decreases. I'm planning on hopping out to the (notso)LYS tomorrow to get the skein so I can finish this damn thing in time to wear some before summer is gone.

Since I couldn't finish the neckline, I did weave in all ends aside from the neckline ones (in case I need to rip back again...) and started the embroidery this morning. I'm doing a sort of slightly modified daisy stitch for the circles. It's not perfect, but I'm liking the way it's looking. I reckon I'll have the thing blocking by Tuesday provided the neckline does in fact look OK when I'm through with it.

So, surprise, surprise, I'm still a little shy on the second contrasting color even though I'm doing two rounds less. *SIGH* I'm really pissed I have to buy another skein of yarn for less than one round a a couple embroidery stitches. :/ Ah, well, I'll find something to do with the leftover because I really do love this yarn.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I, yet again, have not posted because I haven't much to say knitting wise. I continue to angst-out about Mesilla. I nearly picked it up to frog the neckline this weekend a couple of times, but got all emo about it. There hasn't been much of an opportunity to get to the LYS to get another skein of the godforsaken contrasting color. I haven't touched the Tulip socks either. I did mail out the baby booties to their recipient, but haven't heard from her, so I do hope they arrived safely. I've again picked up the garter stitch scarf kit that I knit while waiting for Scoot to be born. It's incredibly mindless knitting, but it's all I've felt like doing.