Saturday, June 23, 2007

it might be finished one day

I conquered the neckline on Mesilla and it is now very satisfactory to me. I wish the length of the sweater were the same. When I had originally tried Mesilla on (when I discovered the neckline was probably not going the way it should), I noted it was rather shorter than I'd've liked. This, however, is no fault of the pattern, as it gave measurements.

See, measurements plague me. I possess the type of brain where I must actually measure something out in order for given measurements to mean anything to me. When glancing through a catalog and seeing a skirt I'd like, simply printing that it 23" in length, for example, does nothing for me. Does that mean it hits me at mid-thigh or mid-calf? I need to physically get out a tape measure and see where 23" from my waist hits.

It takes time though. And in knitting, it means having to refigure things if you're not happy with the result.

Normally, I probably would've left it. I am tall and have a long torso, longer legs and arms that are reminiscent of an ape, so I am rather used to my clothes being on the short side. But given how much grief this sweater has already given me, I want it to be something I will wear regularly.

With the striping on the bottom, I think I'll be able to get away with keeping the lower band separate (and not frogging the nearly 30 rows it consists of), adding some rows of the main color (no real plan here other than to use up what I have left of the main color. Even a couple of extra rows will be well-received.), then if I can figure out a way to reattach them without casting both off, I'll do that (unlikely). And failing that (likely), I shall bind off both and seam them together and no one will be any the wiser. It's more fiddly work, but less reknitting, which is why I went this route.

I've since started the bmp socks for Mag. Of course Hubby saw them and wants a pair now too. :/ Corrugated ribbing = teh suck, fyi.

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