Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I keep meaning to make posts, but never get around to it!

Since picking up tons of hours at work, I was thinking my knitting time had gone down quite a bit (I've been working a lot of daytime shifts and I would typically knit at home while William was napping), but I'm not sure that it has that much. Because I've been working a lot of days, that means less nights spent at work and I always knit for around 1-3 hours at night if I'm not working. So, yeah...not sure if it's less time or not (plus I generally work on my traveling project while on breaks at work, which is, and has been for a long time, a Xmas prezzie).

I'm really, really trying to stay dedicated to finishing up Christmas/necessary knitting. It is hard though because I'm itching to cast on some socks and a sweater (both for myself!). Currently, I'm trying to use them as a reward - ie if I finish x, y, and z by the end of this month, I can work on those. I am attempting to stay motivated also by reminding myself that it will be such a relief to have it all done with plenty of time to spare for once.

With the hubbo's job loss, of course that equals no money for yarn buying, which is actually sort of a relief because I feel like I might actually catch up on the backlog of projects I have planned and already have yarn for. I kind of accidentally bought a lot of yarn this summer lol (most of it with specific projects for it).

In an ideal world (including one where I could actually be away from my child for a full week without missing him and thinking about his constantly), I would like to take a week off of everything and just knit. From the time I got up (or at least after I've had a cup of coffee) to the time I went to bed. Just knit, knit, knit. How many projects do you think a person could crank out with all that time? A lot, I bet.