Wednesday, November 19, 2008

christmas knitting

I do it to myself every year (or at least every year since I started knitting!). I tell myself to pick just a couple of people to knit gifts for because I KNOW I will not have time/inclination to finish them all (I start early, but I'm sorry - I'm just not the type of person who can start Christmas gift knitting in April...or even August...).

And then the crunch of the holidays gets closer and I start coming up with more gifts to knit because it would be a nice gesture, or I find a pattern and/or yarn that I know a certain recipient would love, or I just am plain insane.

I only planned two knitted gifts this Christmas: one for my MIL (I KNOW) and one for my boss. Then when I found out I'd be seeing my bestie January 1 who I haven't seen in years, I decided to go on a knitting frenzy for her (OK, technically not Christmas knitting, just ZOMGIMSOEXCITEDTOSEEYOUHEREHAVESOMEKNITTING-knitting, but it still falls into that time frame). So that is a few more projects. And then I got to thinking about other folks I could knit stuff for - a co-worker who is awfully nice and other various family members.

Of course add to this the various projects I have going strong for myself (on the needles and those I have planned - a couple of which I'd like to have done before the mini-holiday to see aforementioned BFF, so again, a time crunch).

I'm going to try to make an effort to get stuff done in a prioritized manner. I have a couple gifts done and a couple partially done and then we'll go from there. But it was making me laugh (hysterically - and I mean's that laugh that falls somewhere between maniacal laughing and crying) last night that I do this Every. Single. Year. When will I learn?