Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm working on Gathered Pullover for myself and was so excited last night because I was just about done with the charted section. And then I went back to the instruction portion to double check if I split the front and back on the last chart row or the first round after I was through with that.

That's when I noticed that I forgot to do decreases and subsequent increases way back in the middle of the chart. Because I thought doing five decreases next to one another and then five increases in the next round would be hard to do if I just dropped those stitches down, I frogged. About 18 rounds. At 172 stitches per round. That's over 3000 stitches.

I don't mind frogging things like that in the long run, but it's the short term. I could've split the front and back today. Instead I'll be redoing the rest of the chart for the next two days.

What's really annoying is I don't usually make mistakes like this because I so meticulously read and follow patterns. I've been really tired this week, so I can only think that is how I missed it.