Thursday, June 28, 2007


WHOO HOO! I got my invite e-mail the other day. I'm 'thepinksheep' over there as well. That site is freaking amazing. I am already impressed liek whoa and I've only glazed over the surface of it. It'll take a lot of work to get all my past projects on there, but it will happen eventually. Probably post DH release, since I won't be so focused on reading then.

Nearly done with the first Jaywalker. Love it. It's a bit large even though I knit to gauge. I did choose to make the larger size because my feet and calves are wide and large, but I bet I could've knit the smaller size. *shrug* I'm actually concerned I'm going to have a lot of Vesper left over. Not really sure what I can do with any leftovers as it's definitely not appropriate yarn for Scoot-sized socks.

I'm itching to knit a pair of socks out of the Favorite Socks book, so I reckon I'll jump onto one of the two I have yarn for once the second Jaywalker is finished.

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mari said...

I am jealous. I want my invite. :)