Monday, June 18, 2007

The knitting gods are telling me not to knit Mesilla. I managed to make it out to the LYS last week. Guess what? They had overflowing bins of just about every color of Mission Falls 1820 EXCEPT Merlot. Argh. I was most disappointed. I didn't even buy anything while I was there.

So I ended up ordering online like I was trying to avoid. Yarnmarket carries it and had it in stock, but of course I couldn't justify the shipping costing more than my one little skein of yarn, so I ended up getting two skeins of Rowan cotton for socks. It is the softest yarn I've ever felt.

The yarn arrived today thankfully, so my task this week will be getting Mesilla done.

I've been knitting my Vesper sock yarn using the Jaywalker pattern because I felt justified in starting a new project when Mesilla is being such a bastard.

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