Sunday, June 10, 2007

I got a copy of Favorite Socks the other day. Everyone who knits socks needs this book! There are absolutely gorgeous patterns in there. I love that they run the gamut too. Lace patterns, colorwork patterns, men's patterns, a basic sock that has countless (!!) modifications for sizing, cable patterns. God, just everything. And it's hardback spiral bound, which is genius. I promised myself I wouldn't start anymore socks until I either got one of the pairs I'm currently working on done or finished the other two *main* projects I'm working on done.

In Mesilla news, I finally finished angsting out about it yesterday and ripped back the neckline while Scoot slept. I tried to pick up more stitches on the first go round. I also decided that for the striping, I'd only do three rounds of each color as opposed to the five that are on the waistband and sleeves. I don't think it will look disproportionate at all and I actually think I prefer the smaller stripes. Oh, hindsight! No way am I ripping back the sleeves or bottom though to change the stripes.

I also decided to just straight up do one round of decreases and one round of plain knitting instead of the dec, knit, dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec, knit, dec that the pattern says. Two reasons: 1. since I went to only three rounds of each color instead of five, it would've been odd. 2. Eliminating the number of decreases. Even if I'd done dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec/dec, knit, dec I think it would've been too many decreases. I'm planning on hopping out to the (notso)LYS tomorrow to get the skein so I can finish this damn thing in time to wear some before summer is gone.

Since I couldn't finish the neckline, I did weave in all ends aside from the neckline ones (in case I need to rip back again...) and started the embroidery this morning. I'm doing a sort of slightly modified daisy stitch for the circles. It's not perfect, but I'm liking the way it's looking. I reckon I'll have the thing blocking by Tuesday provided the neckline does in fact look OK when I'm through with it.

So, surprise, surprise, I'm still a little shy on the second contrasting color even though I'm doing two rounds less. *SIGH* I'm really pissed I have to buy another skein of yarn for less than one round a a couple embroidery stitches. :/ Ah, well, I'll find something to do with the leftover because I really do love this yarn.

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