Monday, July 16, 2007

I finished my Jaywalkers last week, but haven't uploaded the pics yet. I cast on a garter stitch baby wrap sweater for a baby due in October in it's stead. It's cruising along even considering I added length to the sleeves. I've been knitting it exclusively though since I cast it on, so bmp is now sitting on the wayside for the mo'.

I have discovered another wonderful, wonderful thing about Ravelry. I can make notes about changes I made immediately (and not lose them on the little scraps of paper I normally write them on if I'm knitting from a book and can't write on the pattern itself!). So now I won't forget that I added 22 stitches to each sleeve when it comes time to cast them off (not that I would in this pattern, since it's obvious, but you get the gist).


TheBlackSheep said...

Dood, you actually write your notes down? I just keep thinking about it, but can't be bothered to put the needles down. I had thought about using Ravelry for that too, but again, the time factor.

You're such a good knitter!

TheBlackSheep said...

You know, you can't actually answer someone's comments on this thing, can you. LJ is much handier in that respect.

It's not really a case of not KNOWING what I WANT to knit, it's a case of not being able to afford what I want to knit. After the sweater, everything that I have to do just seems a bit boring, that's all. I have to knit 500 pair of socks by Christmas, some of which are for me, and a dog sweater. Can't do the dog sweater until Sept. though, because the dog hasn't finished growing yet. I could do hats for charity, but again, a bit boring. What I WANT to do is a sweater for me, but that would run me at least $50 in the yarn I want, and I don't have that at the moment. *sigh*

But yes, I did have to give in to the multi-project thing. At the moment, I have one pair of normal socks and one pair of Jaywalkers on the needles and am thinking about casting on another pair as soon as the needles get here. I want to try something new with the ribbing. However, is there a point to having three socks on at one time??

Oh, and I still think you're crazy :P *hobbles off quickly*