Saturday, December 8, 2007

One additional FO

I just finished up a pair of socks I was working on. The pattern is Meida's Socks from Favorite Socks. I randomly bought one skein of Louet Gems sportweight several months ago because I fell in love with the yarn (the color and the texture...omg so soft!). It was rather expensive, so that's why I only bought one skein. As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew this yarn was destined to become these socks! I think these are my new favorite socks. :) I was very worried about having enough yarn, so I eliminated one of the pattern repeats from the leg. is all the yarn I had left over! :O I might have been panicking a bit toward the end!

ETA: I forgot to add, that for those who don't have this book, this pattern uses something called Estonian cables. It was challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, very simple. Definitely not for beginners since it involves purposely dropping and picking back up stitches! This is because you don't use a cable needle, which I really liked because I find cable needles so fussy.

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