Thursday, September 18, 2008


I placed a large Knit Picks order last week (I even scaled it back a little bit...see, I have some control). As is everyone who knits, I am always extremely eager to receive wool in the mail. This time I'm hoping and praying to the knitting gods that the shipping is slow. It was shipped from KP on Wednesday and the tracker says it was in Ohio yesterday with no new updates thus far. My experience is that it takes 2-4 days to arrive on my doorstep after the Ohio stop. The likelihood it arrives on one of the two days I DON'T want it to are looking mighty. Saturday and Monday Jim is home and can see what the mailman brings. Were it a simple envelope, I could easily hide that, but this is going to be a big ass box and I fear there is no hiding that.

Plan A is I've been devising ways to get him out of the house, but this is not at all likely. Plan B is that I have also been trying to think up lies as to what the order consists of, but I'm coming up short - there's only a couple of things in the order that qualify as presents. Plan C involves me trying to develop a plan where I'm outside when the mailman arrives (and Jim isn't) and I can stealthily throw the box into my car for opening at a later day.

Cross your fingers that my order either speedily arrives tomorrow or slowly arrives Tuesday. I need to plan my ordering days better, I think. I ordered on a Friday and their stuff usually gets to me in a week. In my eagerness to touch new wool I didn't even consider that. Bah.


mari said...

Oh no!
Isn't it hard to keep our yarn habits a secret from our families? :)

TheBlackSheep said...

Could you tell him you ordered for me and I'm paying for it?

Oh, wait, this has probably all happened all ready, wo it's a moot point anyway.

Hope you enjoy your yarn anyway.

And why are we all talking about yarn like it's heroine and we're trying to hide our use from everyone? There's something wrong with this picture.