Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

We had absolutely miserable weather here yesterday. I'm big on traditions and one thing I wanted to do with Little Scoot was to do something on Earth Day each year. I think I'm relatively environmentally conscious, so I know that will be a quality that he learns. Maybe next year we'll be able to plant something or pick up garbage somewhere.

So for my contribution this year, I bought yarn. How, do you ask, does this contribute to Earth Day? Because I bought yarn to make BYOB bags - enough for four, I hope (three with coordinating colors - ie the MC of one bag is CC1 of another and CC2 of a third; and then I bought some multi-colored yarn for the fourth, where I'll probably skip the striping). I've wanted to make these since the pattern debuted, but just haven't felt (much) of a desperate desire to.

Well, I was inspired by Knit Picks' new Knit 1, Give 1 campaign to finally make those bags! I needed something a bit more economical though than the KP kits, which is why I went back to the BYOB. I chose Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn for its price and that it comes in tons of fun colors. If my planning works out as it should, I shouldn't have much in the way of leftovers.

I think the bags will make really great gifts for people (or add-on gifts, like using it in place of a gift bag or wrapping paper), since a lot of folks these days are more market-bag friendly. I've wanted to stockpile a few household-type knits for when I need a quick, small gift for someone, so this will be the start to that.

I personally bring as many of my own bags to the store as possible (I'm keeping one of the BYOB bags for myself!) and refuse bags if I get only a couple items that I can carry or stuff in my purse. When I do get plastic bags from stores, I find uses for them around the house when I can and if I can't, they get recycled.

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TheBlackSheep said...

Yay! What a good way to combine hobby and earth day. I've got my plastic baskets I use for shopping. They're the kind that all cool girls swear they will never use because they look quite pedestrian and boring, but wind up usuing because they're so practical. The only thing is that they are plastic, so I don't know how Earthy they really are.