Saturday, September 12, 2009

knitting morning

Actually, it started last night when I finished my Sub Rosa hat that I mentioned I'd be knitting in my last post. I need buttons for it still, which I think I'll get today (provided Joann's has any I like).

This morning, childless, I looked up the start of the Mystery Colorwork KAL that Melissa at KP is hosting. I've always wanted to do a Mystery KAL, but never seem to find out about them until too late! I was very excited to learn about this one a few weeks ago, especially since I can just use stash yarn for it.

I ended up making the sensible choice, though it feels a bit of a cop out, and chose only two colors (Bark and Petal). The original pattern calls for 15 colors, but Melissa kindly provided alternatives to this using 2, 10, or 11 colors - or anything in-between that your imagination could come up with. I have had these two skeins of yarn in my stash For.Ev.Er, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to turn them into something.

What excites me most about this Mystery KAL is we don't even know what we're knitting. Melissa described it as a useful item that isn't worn, there is a steek involved, and a small amount of fabric sewing at the end.

When seeing the first bit of the pattern this morning, my immediate thought was a mug cozy. But as I started knitting in the round and saw the circumference, I decided it's not that. My next thought was a toilet paper cozy, but that was just a wild (and likely wrong) guess. My new guess is a potholder/trivet. We'll see if I'm right!

So I put Roman Holiday on this morning and got all of the set up rows done. Unfortunately our printer took a shitter a couple days ago (we've bought a replacement, but it hasn't been hooked up yet), so I've got to wait until the new one is set up before I can print out my colorwork chart!

I finished just as my soccer game was starting (great timing!) and have been working on my Emerald Isle Cardigan, which is great soccer-watching knitting. And now half-time is over so it's time to go!

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Sandra said...

What a great morning! Who was playing? I grabbed a cup of tea and started going through the new Knitty.

Steeking scares me; I think I need convincing that it won't ruin a piece. If I could past that fear I'd be able to fix the Eris cardy I knit for my aunt so her daughter can wear it (she inherited it when aunt passed away).