Thursday, December 3, 2009

christmas crunch

Feeling the Christmas Crunch here! It seems no matter how early in the year I start, my inner procrastinator will still take over and I'll still be knitting until the 11th hour. I have one project I must still start (and complete!). I have two projects that are so close to being finished I can taste it (I just haven't had time!). I have one project that needs finishing. I have lots of blocking to do.

And then, as ever, I've decided to try to add in a couple of extra projects (maybe. It's still up for debate). Because my husband is unemployed and I only work part time, we decided not to get one another Christmas gifts this year. When my parents found this out, they said they refused to accept Christmas gifts from us this year also. Very kind of them, but I feel like a dead-beat daughter not getting them anything (Christmas has always been a big shebang with lots of gift giving in our house).

We spent a bit less on my brother this year than we have in past too, so I'd like to crank out a scarf for him. Thankfully it is a short scarf, but it is cabled and a bit of (manly) lace - I already have the yarn and had planned on giving it to him whenever. Ditto mom - I have lace yarn and a pattern picked out, I was just planning on waiting until after Christmas. Dad, I dunno. I've knit hats for him before and he's liked them, so I could probably go stash-diving and find something to make for him. This is all highly ambitious though.

How are you doing on your Christmas knitting?

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TheBlackSheep said...

Dude, i started in Jan. and am still Christmas knitting. I'm desperately trying to think of something I can do for someone which also conincides with what I have in my stash. Not easy. *le sigh*