Tuesday, February 23, 2010

felting - yes, again.

I'd say that I should apparently just give up on felting, but I do like to do it on occasion and I've still have more projects come out with proper results than not. It's only lately that I clearly can't felt to save my life.

And that is the crux of the problem - that it's a recent problem. I'm too busy. I have always been a serious multi-tasker and since becoming a mom, multi-tasking is the core of my existence. Working more has only made me have to figure out more ways to fit things in.

This weekend I had some very rare time without the hubbo lurking about the house (still had the kiddo, but he's easy!) and took advantage of doing some projects around the house. I had been queueing and favoriting pattern on Ravelry for a new felted bag (I have some worsted-weight wool in my stash waiting patiently specifically for such a destiny). Last year (or maybe two years ago??), I knit up the Celtic Tote to use as a diaper bag. I've loved that bag muchly, but it's not getting used a lot anymore because, while Scoot isn't potty-trained, I'm hoping he will be by year's end and we're at a point where I just have to carry one diaper and wipes. I tote a mini-backpack of his usually because it's small. The cavalcade of items (and I was always a light packer - I can't imagine the moms who carry more!) required for infants is no longer a necessity.

Plus, the Celtic Tote pattern calls for not fully felting it to get the desired look and therefore has gotten stretched-out over its time of use. I decided to try refelting it a bit to try to make it a bit more stable for use as an everyday bag until I can get around to knitting up a new handbag.

I threw it into the wash. And then promptly forgot about it. :/

When I took it out it was completely felted and is now a (large - at least to me) handbag. It's very practical and cute, but the essence of that bag has been lost (you can barely see the cabling). So it is now my new handbag and I think I'll knit up (and felt) something to be used in the spring and summer.

But this experience made me figure out what has all gone horribly wrong with my felting. I forget about it. I put it in, get distracted with something else, and so it goes through an ENTIRE cycle (the whole washing cycle, rinse, and spin) with never even being checked on.

Next time I felt I vow to do it when I have minimal distractions and I won't get going on another involved project (cleaning, an intense game of Candyland, sorting the laundry, etc...) until my knitting is out of the wash.

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TheBlackSheep said...

Oh bugger. I really liked that bag (are you surprised?). But I know how you feel. I often start ten things and promptly forget about half of them. *hugs*