Thursday, May 3, 2007


I hate when designers make very stupid mistakes in their patterns. Or, to be fair in case it wasn't the designer, but the person who adapted the pattern into different sizes. Early on in Mesilla I discovered the stitch count for the stitches put on waste yarn for the sleeves was incorrect. It was off by 3 stitches per sleeve, for a total of a 6 stitch difference. That is huge! I feel fortunate that I am intelligent enough to not only have caught it, but to be able to figure out what the eff was going on and not just take the pattern at its word.

Now I'm on the second sleeve and have just looked at what remains of one of my contrasting colors (the most important one) and thought, "Shit." I doubt I'm going to have enough to even complete the sleeve. Nevermind all of the embroidery that needs to be done. Oh, yeah AND THE FREAKING NECKBAND. Argh.

I first doubted my own pattern-reading skills, thinking I mistakenly read one skein instead of two. So I double-checked that first. Are we surprised to find that it is the pattern that is incorrect and not moi? I'm not even certain one more skein will be enough; it will be very close if it is.

My gauge was perfect when I started this, so I know it's not anything I've done. I fortunately had the foresight to purchase an extra skein of my main color, especially since I was debating on nixing one of the contrasting colors and using the main color in its place. It will be used, but only for that reason. I've never purchased extra contrasting color yarn because typically you're left with tons anyway.

Why does this most annoy me? Because I was just at the LYS yesterday. It's not horribly convenient to go to (about 25 minutes away), but at least I'll be near enough it tomorrow that I can stop in. More importantly, we're on such a budget now that I only went in to see and touch all of the pretty yarn and inhale the fumes (I was next door to it already and couldn't stop my feet from going through that door). I showed enormous restraint and didn't. buy. anything. despite everything I wanted to. I'm not sure I can handle that pressure again and buy only my one skein of Mission Falls 1824 cotton. ;)

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