Friday, April 27, 2007

Mesilla is coming along swimmingly. I buggered up yesterday and forgot one of the decrease rounds, but fortunately caught it only a few rows up and was able to correct it. There's a little gap, but I think it can be corrected in blocking. Just a handful of rounds left until I get to the lower band, which I'm looking forward to as switching colors seems to make knitting go faster. I'm still undecided if I'll make the stripe in MC or just leave it out. I reckon I'll have enough yarn since I did buy an extra ball.

There are SO many sweaters I want to knit, but I am trying to use up some stash first. My next "main" project will be Tulip Socks.

I wouldn't normally have socks as my main project, but since these are stranded with seven colors, they're hardly portable. Plus I want to ensure I've got color-working down (I dunno, I'm just being paranoid because of my one colorwork mishap...) before I make bmp for Mag. I'd hate to gift something that she can't even wear because it's too tight.

I want to take up spinning, but I'm restraining myself for now. I *am* however requesting a ball winder and swift for Christmas this year.

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