Saturday, April 14, 2007

my own lys

I'm trying to convince myself more every day to take the plunge in attempting to open my own LYS. And so...Top Ten Reasons I Want to Open a Yarn Shop

1. I'm going to probably always have to work in some capacity. I need to do something that I enjoy, but where I will actually make more than a crap hourly wage. There are not many jobs that fall into this.
2. I could bring William to work with me. I would love to be a stay-at-home except I'd get bored and would feel I wasn't pulling my weight. Having my own shop would solve that.
3. There is a lack of yarn shops in my immediate area.
4. The yarn shops that are nearby-ish (well, the three closest that I've been to...) are lacking. One is too uppity for my tastes, one is too small and quiet, and my favorite one is lacking personality (otherwise I love it).
5. I'm smart enough to run my own business successfully.
6. I would be surrounded by yarn. All. The. Time.
7. I could knit at work without getting into trouble. :D
8. I could travel a little to acquire new products.
9. I'm a control freak, so this would be somewhere to harness that energy and put it to good use.
10. I really, really want to.


Evelyn said...

Sounds like a dream. But check the financial aspect carefully. It may end up paying less than minimum wage, at least for the first year or two. Businesses often do, especially when you figure in the number of hours an owner typically works. But maybe that won't be the case, and this will be a huge success!

Meggy said...

Ooh Tara, that would be awesome if you did open your own LYS. Plus, you know, then once I got my license, I could go there to get my yarn instead of sticky JoAnns. Plus, you know, I can work when I'm fifteen, and so far, the best idea I've got is a waitress, and for most of those you have to be sixteen. *waggles eyebrows* I'd always be willing to help if you need any. =D


Tara said...

Thanks Meggy! I would definitely have you come work for me. That would be awesome! I'm holding you to it. ;)