Sunday, May 20, 2007

tulip socks

I started the Tulip socks and taught myself a new trick to boot. I realized the weaving in at the end was going to be completely ridiculous and I recalled reading somewhere about knitting in your ends as you go. Aha! So I googled and found a great tutorial on a blog. I had an idea of how it was done, just didn't have it quite right. I found that the trick is to only "knit" the end into every other stitch, which is what holds down the yarn.

I was also going to attempt to teach myself two-handed stranded knitting, but after reading that it can really affect your tension, I've decided to forgo it this time around. Sure picking up and dropping each color takes more time, but this is too tedious a project to have to worry about tension to boot. I think when I knit the Binary scarf for Mag I'll try it then as there are only two colors throughout and gauge doesn't matter so much on a scarf.

As is typical with me, I reduced the ribbing by half at the top of the Tulip sock. I hate knitting ribbing, especially in the round, but I also hate two inches of ribbing on the top of the sock. I'm really pleased with how the sock is looking so far and the chart pattern is very simple, so it's going along quickly.

That's what I love most about stranded knitting; while I know it actually takes longer than just out and out knitting, it seems to go faster because I can see the progress better. Having to do something different each row (or close to) makes it less mind numbing.

I'm going to have assloads of yarn leftover from these too, so I'll make the Tiptoe Through the Tulips socks next. Not sure for the remainder from that yet though.

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