Friday, May 25, 2007


I FINALLY got a hold of some Vesper sock yarn . When I first discovered it I hemmed and hawed about spending that much on yarn (as this was before I knew the difference between good yarn and mediocre yarn) and when I finally decided its popularity rose and the yarn has eluded me since. When her e-mail list got messed up, I pretty well gave up because I didn't have time to devote to checking the site all the time. Then the past several weeks, I've been checking pretty religiously, but have always missed it. Two updates ago I was only a couple of hours too late. One update ago, there was some available, but not in any of the colorways I preferred. Today though? Was my day! I arrived in her shop a mere 45 minutes after the update and had full pickins. I got Afterglo, which was one of my top two. I bought the last skein too!


Meggy said...

That yarn looks really nice, Tara. Looks like it was smart to get it when you did, though, when I glanced at it, almost all of them seemed to be out of stock. Of course, I will never ever be allowed to buy anything on the internet (save things like an iPod) until I'm in/out of college. Ah well, 3 more years.

Tara said...

It arrived at the end of last week and it's awesome! She does sell out usually the same night. I can't wait to knit it up, but I promised myself I wouldn't start anymore socks until I get at least one pair I'm currently working on done.

You have plenty of time to buy stuff online. :D