Friday, August 17, 2007

Photos, Take 2

OK, this is seriously ridiculous. I don't think there is a way for me to post all of my photos in one post and not make it look like crap. So, instead, you get a link:
That is to all of my FOs. For pics that haven't been posted yet, you can see Mesilla, the Jaywalkers, and the first bmp sock.


mari said...

Your Mesilla looks great! And I love the yarn you used for the Booga Bag.

It is hard to format the pics in here when you have more than one. Did you try putting them in from FLickr or on here? If you do it from here it is a bit easier, but you still have to move your photos to where you want them.

TheBlackSheep said...

Wow! It all looks great! Hats off to the Mesilla. Impressive! As is the bmp sock of course. I also like the jaywalkers. That yarn is sooooooo you!

Sandra said...

I left you a comment on Flickr but, McDoode, I just have to say again that Mesilla looks fantab! Your Jaywalkers came out looking tres spifferific as well (I like that they don't match, but then I'm weird too :p). Those bmp socks look like they'd give me a migraine, yo. I bow to your superior color stranding skillz!

TheBlackSheep said...

Hey! Could you tell me how you got the knitting blogs button to appear on your blog? I've got the link there, but not the picture button and I can't figure out how to add it. :(

Just call me Digitally challenged.

TheBlackSheep said...

Thanks about the cabled hat! I hope she likes it. It looks even better now that I've blocked it. Less pointy. I'll retake the picture when I get the matching cowl done, i.e. this evening.

Thought you'd like that about the pink, and yes, the blue is definitely me. Bought a lot of that yarn I did :D