Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ravelry has really helped me realize how many projects I have on the needles! (Erm, plus a little stash organization last week pointed me in the direction of a few projects I tucked deep down)

I've actually been doing some, well, self-cleansing I suppose you could call it. Trying to conquer various WIPs and books that I'm partway through. Sometimes I do think I'm slightly ADD. Or not so slightly. I can't actually sit without *doing* something.

Anyway, I did two felted boxes that I've been wanting to do for ages with stash yarn (no photos yet). Those weren't actually WIPs, but just quick projects I wanted done. I also decided to finish the felted needle case I've had languishing on needles for over a year. The body is done and felted; I've only got to do the cabled bands that get attached to it now (I'm about 1/4 way through the first one). Those are knitting up super quick though, so I'm sure I'll have this project done within a week (probably less depending how much knitting time I have).

Next up I'm going to finish the mittens I started last winter.

Bookwise I finished one book that had about 50 pages left in it yesterday and last night. I'm going to finish up a second one today hopefully as that only has about 30 pages left in it.

OK, theblacksheep, I'm sure you are probably twitching right now from all of this, so I'll stop. ;)


TheBlackSheep said...




8 projects! You have 8 WIPs listed on Ravelry! Have you gone mad? I think you must have ADD. You can't possibly finish anything that way. Dood. I've got 2 WIPs and feel almost overwhelmed.

You know what you need to do to make yourself feel better (em, other then finishing some of the 8 Projects you've got going). You could take pics of the ones you have done and put them on Ravelry so you'll have more finished projects than WIPs. :D

As far as being a fast knitter is concerned, It's just that those projects were small. The hat and cowl were only 60 stitches (fat yarn) and not that many rows. It would have been difficult to do them slowly, although I'm sure it would have taken longer if I had stuck it in the bottom of a drawer *RUNS*

TheBlackSheep said...

Oh yes, *twitch*

Almost forgot.


Sandra said...

LOL, if I were at home I'd add a few more projects to my WIPs as well. Which felted needle case pattern did you finally go with? I never posted pics of mine and, truth be told, it really could do with a button or two for the flap covering the needles. I should pick those up when I get the buttons for the cardy. Anywho, I really wanted to stop by and say that if you want some sewing done on the needle channels or anything, lemme know--I could enlist my mother to do yours as well (since we're both so fond of sewing :p).

BloomingKnitter said...

I haven't taken the time to upload my stash to Ravelry in fear that I will have to face the fact that I have way to much yarn. But my goal is to knit up all the projects I currently have yarn for before purchasing more yarn. I think this will be fairly easy since I will be unemployed as of the end of next week and won't have any disposable income for additional yarn purchases.