Saturday, September 1, 2007

FOs and WIPs

I owe pictures. Alas. I finished my felted needle case late last week. It's functional, which is all I really need it to be. Of course it doesn't hold all of my needles, but I put the ones in that I don't have equivalent size circulars in (I love the Knit Picks Options so much, but I still only have the 'starter' kit. Eventually I want to have all sizes available in it, plus the non-interchangeable circs in the smaller sizes). So soon enough the felted needle case will be pretty defunct anyway.

I also can't remember if I mentioned I made two small felted boxes with leftovers a few weeks ago.

Today I finished off the garter stitch wrap cardigan for my friend's baby-to-be. I will be blocking it tonight after Scoot goes to bed and hopefully will be able to do the seaming and ribbon sewing-on on Monday.

Fall is approaching. We've had gorgeous weather the past few days and today *is* the first of September, so I really need to get crackin' on my $1.50 cardigan. I'm really in a knitting mood lately (like, it's *all* I want to do, not just one of many things I want to do), so I'm hoping if I focus on it now that I've got the baby sweater out of the way I can make some good progress on it, because I've barely made a dent.


TheBlackSheep said...

Oh good. Glad I'm not the only one who wants to do nothing but knit lately. I've begun to feel quite obsessed. It's worrying.

Pictures? Please? I've looked at your Ravelry projects page a couple of times, but there are few pictures *hrumpf* :P

Did I read correctly? Are we going to be using only circulars now? *grin* So much easier than owning both. Has the added benefit of not whacking the person/animal next to you when you knit. I've got two of the KP circular sets and have not regretted it. I'm now wanting the small size needles in the fixed versions. Addis joins are brilliant, but the cables seem to kink, bend and go generally wonky on me. If the normal ones are like the KP ones, they should be better.

Hugs to Tubby Tummy! (btw, I did just want to make sure I wasn't offending. - Skinny babies are indeed no very attractive.)

TheBlackSheep said...

Hee hee! She wasn't happy. The only reason I got the picture was because she refused to move after I put it on. Poor thing indeed!