Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Apparently I only post now when I have questions. This is actually something I've thought about for a long time, but only now thought to ask y'all.

Knitters more famous than myself (specifically I'm thinking of the Yarn Harlot and Kelley who owns Knit Picks - I listen to her podcast) always make reference to knitting while they're out to eat or at movies, over at a friends' for a get together, etc.

Now. I am all for knitting during stolen moments. I can't tell you how often during my day I pickup my needles when my hands are (rarely) idle and knit a row or two. I also take my 'to-go' knitting (currently a plain sock) to Scoot's swimming class (I sideline there and don't swim) and whenever I go to my parents' or the in-laws'.

I am not abject to knitting in public at all. Cripes, I've NEVER cared if people stare at me funny for anything, so why should knitting stop me?

My problem is this: anytime I whip out my knitting (around people I know, I mean now), I get a bit of the evil eye. It's like people don't understand that I am a multitasker: I can knit and carry on a conversation with you at the same time (unless I'm doing more complex knitting, in which case, I only do that when I have peace and quiet at home anyway).

Since I've started knitting I cannot let my hands sit idle (which is why if my hands are baby free for a change, I'm on the computer or knitting most likely), so it is very difficult for me to just sit and talk to someone without doing something with my hands.

Er, anyway. My question is for any of you that have opportunities to knit around non-knitters in a social situation, do you?


TheBlackSheep said...

Social situation? What's that? :P

Should the question ever arise, it would depend. I don't think I would here because the Swiss tend to be quite a bit more formal. I would with good friends though. They wouldn't care as long as I didn't ignore them. But then there are about 2 of those. Maybe three.

At home I did. I knit at Christmas with "family" and no one had a problem with it. They even asked what I was knitting and commented on the yarn. No biggie at all. I think I might even knit is restaurants in the States now that I'm good enough. Although that depends on the situation too. Lunch defo, dinner, maybe not so much. Anyway, my actual family all think it's great I knit, especially as I'm doing something productive with my time (and they benefit from it) Now if it were gaming, it would be a different story.

But evil eye? Nope, have never gotten that. You wouldn't happen to be referring to a certain person would you? If yes, desregard looks. That is an order. :P

mari said...

My knitting is pretty much only done at home, at knitting group (in a coffee shop), at the airport and on planes. That is about it and people usually don't say anything. We do get some looks at times in the coffeeshop but there are usually close to 20 of us knitting, so that will get some looks.

Sandra said...

I think I've only KiP around family at various holiday gatherings as it gave me something to do while talking to them, or it gave me an excuse to ignore them if I didn't feel like talking. They were happy to ask questions and were pretty nonplussed in general as one of my cousins also knits and has been doing so at family gatherings for quite some time now.

I don't know that I'd try it like at a baseball game or something (I know that's becoming more popular), but I def think I'll be trying it on the plane home! I wonder if anyone will blink strangely at me.