Monday, October 1, 2007

Here's a question for fellow Ravelers: has anyone figured out how to delete a project? I had stopped knitting my Tulip socks because I decided I really didn't like them all that much anymore, though before frogging, I wanted to let them sit a bit. I was looking at them again the other day and I really think they'd be better off frogged. So...I want to delete it off Ravelry, but can't figure out how, short of just changing all of the info in it to suit another item.

As I've already shared with some of you, I reached a bit of an impasse with part of my $1.50 cardigan because I didn't have enough fully alert time to devote to just sitting and knitting a large chunk (for me it was easier to do that with this section because there is SO much going on with pick it up and put it down repeatedly would've been too confusing). But I'm past it now, though I definitely fucked up the decreases a bit, so I have to take a gander at the neck edge and compare it to the other one and see if it will make a difference or if I can fudge it and just add more decreases over the next chunk (it's in a lace pattern and is way too confusing to try to explain how I made the error).

I cast on some lace socks too that will be a gift becasue I want to take them with me this weekend for our trip (plus my plain stockinette socks I'm knitting for myself).


mari said...

When you are looking at your projects page, there is an x button to the right underneath each project picture. Just click on that.

TheBlackSheep said...

What Mari said. You can also leave it up and just hit Frogged on the Status Bar thingy. You know, where you have In Progress or Finished. That way you know what you've started but didn't like. Whichever floats your boat.

YAY! Another fudger. I've been telling Boe and Pen that it doesn't matter how you knit something as long as you think it looks good when it's done.