Friday, December 14, 2007

Another FO though it's a bit F'd Up

The Princess Mitts are done and LMFAO boy did I fuck that first mitt up bad or what? I'm pretty sure it's a reflection on the fact that I was SO eager to have these done that I wanted to whiz right through them lickety split. Which I did. But now they don't quite match. lol Ah, well. They're just for me and I reckon I can tell people I like my mitts like I like my socks: each a little bit different.

Not to self: must pay more attention when knitting cables. I'm REALLY bad at counting rows when cables are involved. Like, I can't do it. I cannot figure out which row the last cable twist was actually in, so I have to be really rigorous in keeping track of which row on a chart I'm in. Guess my post-it note placeholder isn't the most reliable of methods, hmm?

Pics when they're dry.

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TheBlackSheep said...

AHHHHHHHH, Forgetting where you twisted....

I have a cunning method. Make your cable twist, place stitch marker on one of the stitches in the twisted row and continue knitting. When you lose your place, go back to stitch marker and count rows up from there.

Does this say to you "been there, done that?" It should :P Took me 20057 cables to come up with that little method...