Sunday, December 30, 2007

My MIL has commissioned me (except y'know, for free) to make her sister a scarf. I didn't have much desire to do so, which I told her, but said I'd do it anyway because I am too nice. I loathe knitting scarves because they're so monotonous and are soooooo long.

So I ask MIL what her sister wants and she says that she said she wanted 'one of those hairy ones that everyone is wearing'. O_o I can only assume she means a Fun Fur scarf as those were VERY in several years ago and she lives in a town that is very behind the times. I flat out said no to that.

MIL basically had no clue what she wanted though and that was only my assumption, so she said to knit her whatever as long as it was red. I was then informed that she has a wool allergy (which my husband doesn't actually believe lol) and I have to knit it in acrylic. Joy. Not. I told my MIL that I'd look at the craft store and see what I could find, but to not hold out much hope because their choices are very limited.

I'm now searching for a pattern that will be interesting enough, but not too intricate since I really don't want to do this anyway. Hope I can find some sort of yarn.


The Happy College Knitter said...

Fun fur...oh NO! My mom went through a fun fur phase...I think she's starting to come out of it on the other side luckily.

Emphasis on luckily.

mari said...

No fun. You should get some cotton yarn. Not that that is any easier to work with.

And yes, the quviuk is the same as quviut. It was half off! Boxing Day Sale. :)

TheBlackSheep said...

Remember the Barf Scarf? Let me recommend that you don't use fun fur, K? Tell your MIL it's better for HER health if you don't.

Cotton. Go for cotton. Basketweave? A little more difficult is the Leaves Scarf I did for my aunt, but it looks fantastic and I think you like knitting lace, yes? Even I only needed a couple of days to do it and you could make it short.

I say we gang up on Mari and steal her Quiviut.

Still love the Arctic Lace book! Am reading up on Muskox now :D

TheBlackSheep said...
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TheBlackSheep said...

Oh, and send MIL a bill for the scarf when you're done. You could put something like:

Yarn - $10
Time - 15 hours @ $8/hour
Total - $130.00
One Time Only Family Member Discount - $130
Balance due - $0.00

Oui? :D