Sunday, December 13, 2009

a surprise kindness

A few days ago, the Yarn Harlot posted about an adorable little pattern: French Press Slippers. I first noticed this pattern some time back when it popped up on my friends list on Ravelry.

Of course I fell in love with these (they are so ME), but when I saw that the pattern was for a fee - being that hubbo is laid off - I didn't even queue it because I didn't want to be tempted.

So, I commented on Yarn Harlot's blog post that I loved these slippers but put them on my "to buy when my husband has a job again" list. The next morning, I had a delightful e-mail from the creator of these slippers. Turns out she lives a couple of towns over from me and her husband is unemployed too. She kindly included the pattern for me free of charge just to spread a little Christmas cheer.

Knitters are such wonderful and generous people.

As a bonus, this pattern has solved the one Christmas present I was really concerned about not getting done on time: mom's scarf. See, my mom is not an easy person to knit for. Since I had to choose to knit stuff from stash for my parents, the only thing I had that would be good for her was a lace scarf, which in a crunch, is not a time-effective choice! I showed my mom the slipper pattern and she absolutely loved them and said she would give me money for yarn to make her a pair after Christmas sometime.

Ha! Turns out I have a couple skeins of Patons Classic Wool Merino in my stash that will be an acceptable color to her and make these lovely slippers. Totally solves my time crunch!

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Lady Rook said...

YAY for knitters!

Those slippers are fabulous!