Tuesday, December 29, 2009

knitting for Christmas

I received some lovely knitting swag for Christmas this year.

1. A Knit Picks gift certificate from a certain Sirius and Remus. ;)
2. The Knitter's Toolbag Kit (which was on my list this year!)
3. A yarn cutter, which is something I've always wanted.
4. Harmony Wood Cable Needle Set, which my mom spectacularly picked out on her own (as she did the yarn cutter). I always just use a spare DPN for cabling, so it will be very nice to have needles handy in my bag for cabling (plus then I don't have to worry about losing a dpn).
5. The Knitter's Book of Wool (yay!)
6. A little pom pom maker, which I'm eager to try out the next time I need a pom pom because they are such a pain to make.
7. And what I'm stupidly excited about (another thing I asked for): a kitchen/yarn scale. This will make using up leftovers (something I do a lot of) SO much easier.

Oh, and some darning needles.

Unfortunately, I've not been doing much of any knitting since December 23 (the day I finished the last of the Christmas gifts!) because I think I'm totally burnt out from the marathon knitting session of the last few weeks. I have a baby set that I'm slowly working on for a baby due end of January, but my friend is in Europe where they don't typically receive baby gifts until after the baby is born anyway (or so I've been told!), so if it arrives tardy, by my standards, at least I won't feel so bad.

How was everyone's Christmas?

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