Sunday, January 3, 2010


I don't do resolutions, but I have some (vague and not rigid) knitting goals this year.

#1 - try to manage a pair of socks a month like I attempted last year (started out strong, but lost steam halfway through the year). Plus a couple of my socks have sprung irreparable holes this winter, so I really need to replace them to keep my toes toasty.

#2 - try to finish up some of those projects that have been hibernating for WAY too long (like more than a year) because they take up too much space.

#3 - try not to buy too much yarn in an effort to reduce the very abundant stash. Gift certificates do not count lol. Nor do purchases for gifts. Tried this last year too and then went on a yarn-buying frenzy for a few months.

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Lady Rook said...

Oh Gawd please don't mention hibernating projects. *stares at knitting bag guiltily*

And yarn buying is so much fun!