Monday, January 4, 2010

Epic Felt Fail

I've not done what I would consider tons of felting, but a fair amount and I've never had a project go awry. Until now. I have the Cheery Cup Cozies Kit from Knit Picks and I decided to knit up the felted argyle version a few days ago.

It's knit in intarsia and I'm bad and don't snip and join new pieces of yarn and carry floats along the back. Since this was going to be felted, I thought it wouldn't matter much.

Well. Apparently I was wrong because all of that extra yarn in the back has adhered itself to the opposite side of the tube. I accidentally let it run through the entire wash cycle (including rinse and spin), which may have been where the majority of the problem came from.

Other potential problem is that I've never knit something at an extremely loose gauge like this and felted it. Did you know that you're supposed to knit at a crazy loose gauge to get better felting (more space between the stitches = more agitation and therefore more felting)? Well, I did not. I've always knit at whatever relatively normal gauge other patterns are written for. I'm wondering it this particular variable was a big contributor to the Epic Felt Fail.

Also. Whatever happened to stuff shrinking lengthwise more than width wise? That's like a solid constant in felting (and the accidental, or purposeful, shrinking of clothes). This cozy could fit a Super Big Gulp in length. And yet is skinny enough to possibly be a form-fitting tube dress for Barbie.

I'm going to try to soak it tomorrow night and see if I can manipulate it in any way when it's wet. If not, I'll have to be creative and maybe do some cutting to turn this into something else. Unfortunately, I was planning on giving this one to a friend (and if it was successful make a couple more in other colors for other friends).

In other news, I'm having a case of "I'm not sure what next to knit", which never, ever happens to me. I usually know what next I'll cast on three projects ahead of time (like chess, y'know?). I think the problem is I have so much right now that I want to knit that I can't make up my damn mind. I opted to cast on a pair of socks that have been haunting me to knit them since early last fall (haven't had time!). I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a bout of startitis (maybe choosing quick projects will appease me?).


TheBlackSheep said...

I've heard of things non-intarsia felting together before, so that alone might not have been your problem. Afraid I can't offer any advice though not having felted much myself.

I feel for your lack of knowing what to knit next. I occassionally get that too, but it eventually resolves itself. Good luck with your next felting project.

Lady Rook said...

Thankfully I have never done any felting - I manage to have enough disasters just with knitting.

It's knit in intarsia and I'm bad and don't snip and join new pieces of yarn and carry floats along the back.
Um, you're not supposed to carry the thread behind the work? *cringes*